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Created as one of many characters utilized to promote issues during the farmer/dairy processors milk-wars of the 1930s, Elsie the spokescow rose above the others to garner the adoration of the public. Slowly, her popularity began to grow. Then in 1938, she moooved further into the limelight after being singled out from the pack of mascots by a radio commentator. Soon after, Elsie began receiving fan mail. From then on, it was clear Elsie was Borden’s perfect mascot.

By 1939, Elsie's popularity was growing strongly. But, at that point, she was just a two-dimensional drawing used for magazines and newspapers, or a character on the radio. The people wanted more.

At Borden’s 1939 New York World's Fair exhibit featuring Borden’s machinery and 150 Jersey cows, consumer surveys revealed that 20% of the questions related to Borden’s machinery, 20% to the location of restrooms and an overwhelming 60% asked which cow was Elsie. Borden responded by selecting the most beautiful of the 150 Jersey cows to be the real life Elsie.

The real life Elsie made her first appearance at the 1940 World's Fair as Borden’s featured exhibit. Like the rising starlet she was, Elsie began to receive countless requests for her appearance at various engagements.

In 1940, Elsie married Elmer, who would later become the famed mascot for Elmer’s Glue. Elsie also became a mother to Beulah and showed off her new calf at an encore appearance at the New York World’s Fair. And in July of 1947, added a little boy to the family. Elsie decided to let fans chose the name of her baby bull - and at the close of the contest, more than a million entries had been received with the name Beauregard selected as tops.

Elsie announced, in 1957, that she was pregnant again—with twins! Once again a calf-naming contest was held. This time, over three million entries were received, tallied and judged. Then it was all said and done, Elsie was the proud mother of beautiful calves Larabee and Lobelia.

Over the years, Elsie remained both in the hearts and minds of parents and their children of all generations. Elsie starred in several animated television commercials, a full-length motion picture and a traveling tour with a special appearance, dubbed "Borden Day", at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. as well as many other events through the years. Today, she can still be seen laughing and smiling on a number of Borden branded products.