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Q: Does Borden® Cremora® contain lactose?

A: All Borden® Cremora® products are lactose free and do not contain milk sugar.

Q: Is Borden® Cremora® gluten free?

A: There is no wheat gluten in Borden® Cremora®, because none of its ingredients come from a wheat source. Cremora® could, however, have very small trace amounts of corn gluten from corn syrup.

Q: What is ‘reconstituted’ Borden® Cremora®?

A: Reconstitution means that hot water has been added to bring it back to the liquid state. To reconstitute Borden® Cremora® blend it with equal amounts of hot water. It can then be cooled in the refrigerator and used like Half n Half.

Q: Does Borden® Cremora® contain monosodium glutamate (msg)?

A: Borden® Cremora® contains NO msg.

Q: I have an allergy to both eggs and peanuts. Do your Borden® Cremora® plants manufacture any products that contain eggs or nuts?

A: Borden® Cremora® does not contain any peanut or egg protein. Also, it is manufactured in plants that do not handle eggs or nuts.

Q: I noticed your label says, "Creamier than ever!" What does that mean?

A: That Cremora® is made with a higher level of fat giving it the
creamiest flavor yet!

Q: I'm allergic to soy products, does your product contain soy?

A: Yes, soy lecithin is an ingredient in all Cremora® products, therefore, since you are allergic to soy you should stay away from them.